Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today is THE day!

Today is the day I'm attempting to start this blog about my life and my hobbies! I have my doubts about starting this and actually posting every day, once a week, or even at all. I just started a new job and life is usually pretty busy. I think of blogging as a place where I can share my life. I can highlight the good days and bad days. I'm excited to get started.

I have to admit, I don't really understand this blog website. Like "gadgets" or how to add a picture with the words on top of it.... or what about the advertisements of the side..... BUT I will get more blog savy soon, I promise.

What my blog will probably be about:
1. Miss Lola-my precious 5 lb. all black baby (dog). She is a Chihuahua. I got her about 9 months ago from the south side of Chicago when I lived there. I never was a huge dog person but I have definitely turned into "the crazy dog lady." I'm perfectly okay with that. She brings me so much joy everyday and that's all that matters.

2. Life as a newlywed-Just recently got married to a wonderful, sincere, and kind man. Jeff is my better half. Married life is just a blessing and we are so blessed to have found each other. (maybe some day I'll tell our crazy story)

3. My family and friends-My parents and brother live in Arkansas. I miss them terribly every day and wish I could cross the pasture and be at their front door. Most of my friends also live in Arkansas. I miss them more than anything too. HOWEVER, I have made new incredible friends here in Iowa. God has shown me so many things in this new chapter in life. I'm enjoying my time here in this new place (maybe not the weather though).

4.. Crafting-love to do it!

5. Refurbishing and re-purposing furniture-I have this crazy obsession with furniture, especially pieces that are unique and are priced right. For example, tonight I watch "Life as You Know It" and all I could look at was the furniture and the decorations in that beautiful house. I look forward to the day the hubs and I buy our first house and I can put my hobbies to use to make it mine.

6. Decorating-love to do this too! Every other Saturday, I rearrange something or some part of my house. Change is good and sometimes those candles look better in a different spot. Some call me crazy, I think its genius. Do you ever get tired of you house looking the same? I DO! So because we are on a tight budget (total money makeover baby) I just change things around every once in a while. It works. Try it.

During this moment of my life....this is ME!

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