Thursday, March 10, 2011

Arkansas Here I Come!

"I'm just a girl, that needs a little sun, a little rain,
An open field to play

Hey I'm a wildflower, growin in the sunshine
Soakin up the way of life I was raised in
Runnin barefoot, bloomin in the summer shower
Ponytail dancin, I can't help it, I'm a wildflower"

I absolutely love this song by the JaneDear Girls (who are going to be in Iowa City tonight and I'm going! :) Tomorrow around 3:30pm I'm hitting the road for my Spring Break trip to Arkansas. It's just me and Lola going this time. The hubs has to stay back and work! I can't wait to get to Fayetteville to see my two best friends on Friday. We have a great weekend of fun planned. The weekend includes: La Huerta and McAlister's fine dining, antique/thrift shopping, walking through the University of Arkansas campus, and  visiting the famous Wilson Park. Then on Sunday night, I'm meeting my mom in Branson, MO for some shopping and more great times. It will be great to spend some wonderful, quality time with her and I'm really excited about that. Then on Tuesday, we are headed back to good ole' Nashville, AR where there's open fields, sunshine, and a place where I can run barefoot on three acres of land with Miss Lola Bear. I'll be SO ready to see my daddy and younger brother, Jarred, plus all my cousins, and aunt and uncle. Home is what I look forward to the most. I'm ready for the peace and quiet. Seeing the sun set from my parents back porch. No traffic. No red lights. No people, except for my family. My Spring Break is going to ROCK! Super pumped.

Here recently, I have been thinking a lot about my childhood and how I was raised. The JaneDear Girls describe my childhood perfectly! I can remember running down a dirt road barefooted, having a huge piece of land to ride the four-wheeler on, having our own golf green in our yard, wearing ponytails up high on my head and creating dance videos with my best friends and neighbors Paige and Aubrey. Oh that was the life! I miss the country life. Slow and easy. Then of course, the question pops in my head about how I want to raise my future children. Undecided. My hope is to give them both. Maybe when Jeff and I are out of debt, we can have a summer home in the country somewhere. My dream would be the hills of TN! Oh how lovely! (maybe I should add this to my long-term goal list) Just like a rustic cabin. Just a thought.

This will probably be my last post for at least 10 days! But once I return I plan on sharing all the memories of my Spring Break adventures! Til next time....have a wonderful Thursday!


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