Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Gazelle Intensity

For the past week and half, Jeff and I have been focused on Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and boy is it totally paying off. I'm so extremely proud of our intensity and commitment! In the first 8 days we’ve made $1183.00 by selling "stuff" that really we didn't need in our lives. The material things don't make you happy.....most people know that right? So just yesterday we opened up a savings account and deposited $1,000.00 in our EMERGENCY Fund. As Dave says, "new clothes aren't an emergency, going out to eat isn't an emergency, and vacations aren't emergencies." This fund is for the rainy days and we got an umbrella. This fund is for unexpected car trouble, doctor bills (but not co-pays), unexpected travel, etc. This will prevent us for charging the unexpected things and becoming more in debt. It will rain…just remember that!

Currently we are on Baby Step 2-Debt Snowball. I'm proud to say we paid off our first credit card yesterday!!! YESSSS! It feels unbelievable. I couldn't stop smiling. We will pay off our second credit card on March 18th! That will equal another $1200.00 in 3 weeks and that to us is a huge accomplishment. We are changing our lives and our family tree. We have become gazelle intense. If you were to come to our house, you would see posters labeled "DEBT" and all kinds of motivational sayings taped to our refrigerator. It’s a constant reminder of our goal and where we want to be in just 3 SHORT years.

For the first time since getting married, I feel in control of our finances. Jeff and I have the same vision and we are on the same track. One major thing that has changed has been financial responsibilities. Even before we were marriage, I was responsible for paying all our bills and budgeting for gas, food, and other needs. Jeff didn't even know how much money he had in his banking account, let alone mine. We kept this routine going when we first got marriage (136 days ago) but I got sick and tired of it. I needed his help, his support, and frankly his knowledge about money. The responsibilities have changed! We do this together every step of the way and let me tell you, it is beyond wonderful. We are stronger because of it!

I went to Hobby Lobby, just to window shop. I saw the sign "80% off of select home decor" and became ecstatic. I have been waiting weeks for this merchandise to go down from 66% to 80%! So I go through the doors, veer right and then left, straight towards the sale isle. I go to my hiding spot and right there are all the home decor items I had hidden over the weeks. I'm very secretive and know how to shop hob lob. People, hide stuff in the on sale pillows. It works every time. Anyways, I digress; I had NOT ONE inking to buy one single thing! Dave's handsome face was popping in my head and his handsome body was sitting on my right shoulder saying "NO, it’s just stuff." I walked out feeling so proud of myself. I'm no longer addicted to accessories and home decor stuff. Its only stuff and doesn’t define who I am.  

So if you read this blog, you will probably be hearing a lot about getting out of debt (definitely not all the time though)!  Lots of updates on our progress and maybe even about times we fail. If you are in debt and want to get out please, please read Dave's books. Sign up for his podcast on iTunes. He will help you change your lives. AND if you really want to do it, you must become a gazelle and have intensity like you never have before.

Happy March!

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