Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is sweet....

Oh my poor blog......it has been a while since I have visited you! There has been so many things going on in my life that I've hardly had time to do much of anything except work and take care of my household. So yet again, I vow to do a better job at writing everyday or at least every week! Maybe I should try to be more realistic.

I don't even know where to begin to describe how crazy this month has been for Jeff and I. To start things off, my dad got an infected toe. He was very sick from it, but is healing and doing great now. He has returned back to work, which makes him happy and quite frankly not as grumpy (I still love you Dad). Living in Iowa, doesn't make going to see my parents that easy, but Jeff and I literally dropped everything two weeks ago and hit the road, with Lola in tow. It was a great trip. The night before we leave, Jeff's boss drops a bombshell......"YOU ARE BEING TRANSFERRED TO RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA!" I say that with the thickest Southern accent I have! Jeff and I both said "WHAT? Really?" Of course we had put in for the move but didn't expect the news to come so soon! :)

So imagine this......12 hr drive to Arkansas with Jeff's work phone plugged into the laptop so we can have Internet on the interstate, Lola's head resting on the keyboard, I'm typing frantically to find us a place to live, got my iphone in my right hand, pen and paper in the left hand, and Jeff is driving with earbuds in listening to Dave Ramsey's podcast. It was go time and I was on a roll!

Jeff's start date is May 1st. At the time we had one week to find a place and have Jeff go there while he was in Raleigh for a work trip and sign the lease. Well, the good Lord provided and we found a place! :) A GREAT PLACE! It's a two bedroom apartment with 1150 square feet. I'm dreading moving from a house back to an apartment but I can tough it out. We only signed a 6 months lease. Once we get down there and settle in, it will be house hunting time. YAY!

Okay so we have a place to live: the lease is signed, deposit made, Internet hooked up, electricity turned on. All in ONE WEEK! Th next step was getting the movers here in Iowa to pack up our stuff. Again the Lord blessed us and they came yesterday and are here right now packing everything up for us. Jeff's company pays all the expenses of moving which only makes this move that much easier. The stuff will be delivered to our new apartment on May 4th. We did end up having to get a storage unit to store all the things that will not fit in the apartment. I have collected way too much stuff in the last year!

In the midst of all this, Jeff's Grandpa Reckman passed away at the age of 90. This is Jeff's dad's father. He was a precious man whose smile was so genuine. Fred had a love for his family and fishing. At visitation last night, there was a slideshow of some pictures. They captured so many memories that I know the family will never forget. Grandpa Reckman is now in heaven, rejoicing with Jesus and the angels. God is good all the time!

There's the update! Raleigh here we come! In all the craziness, this is the first time, right now, sitting on the patio while the movers are moving things out, that I have truly thank God for all his blessings. He has provided us with everything and has prepared us for this move. I'm beyond ready for this new adventure. And more importantly I'm ready to live near the beach!!!!

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  1. Allison, this is such great news for you! I know you were anxious to try something new! When will you move? Are you finishing the school year?