Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Lola Bear Reckman

Good day my sweet friends! Today's post is all about my dog. She is a Chihuahua, weighing only 5.6 lbs. I just took her to the vet to get spayed over Spring Break, that's how I know exactly how much she weighs. Seven months ago she only weighed 5 lbs., so Jeff and I are feeding her well and she is healthy. :)

Back in high school (eight yrs ago...WOW) I got a Chihuahua for Christmas from my high school boyfriend. It was the best present ever. Its when I truly fell in love with Chihuahuas. His name was Wyatt. He was so adorable but he loved my mom way more than me. Even my dad on some days. My dad and mom loved this dog. Wyatt would take baths with my dad. One day during the fall months, Wyatt went missing. Back then and especially in the country, we didn't lock our doors to our house during the day and Wyatt could open the door with his nose if he needed to go out. He was missing for a long time. We searched and searched and he never came back home. I remember crying for 2 solid weeks. It was sad.

From that day I promised myself I would get another Chihuahua. So I graduated high school, went to college, then to graduate school. Finally last June, I convinced my boyfriend, now husband, into letting me get a dog! I had been searching Chicago Craigslist everyday for a Chihuahua. It really didn't matter the color, I knew I wanted small and short-haired. I came across a listing for a black Chihuahua who was being given away for $250.00 from a family that was traveling too much to have a dog. I emailed and never heard back from them. The next day, Jeff picked me up from work and I just randomly thought about calling this person to ask if the dog was still available. IT WAS! I was so excited. I told them to send me a picture to my phone and I would let them know immediately. I fell in love. And we picked Lola from the Southside of Chicago just 2 hrs. later. That was a scary ride. We met them at AppleBee's.

She has brought happiness into my life ever since. I love her so much. And she is so smart. She knows a lot of vocabulary words: fox, chicken, walk, treat, road kill, outside, Slugger, and kennel. Complete joy to have in my life.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of her:

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