Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New goal in mind

A few weeks ago, I decided that I needed to get serious about eating healthier and exercising more. I haven't totally stuck to those goals I shared, but I'm doing really well. I have eaten very well for the past three weeks and I have exercised for the past two days! At least 45 minutes of cardio, plus weight training, and working on my flexibility. I'm proud and I'm feeling really good about myself. I want to lose 22 lbs before my birthday, August 17th.

Jeff and I were talking last night about how much we got done by simply not watching TV. We didn't turn the TV on at all last night and it was so peaceful. Last night we got 2 loads of laundry done, cooked dinner, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, exercised for 1 hr., both took showers, spent quality time with Lola, and read our devotional together before going to sleep. Bedtime for us was 10pm. GLORIOUS!

Our new goal is to only watch TV on Saturdays. Our shows include American Idol both Wednesday and Thursday, Oprah, The Office, and Fringe (Brothers and Sisters…but it’s not on currently). This will be about 2-3 hrs. total because of DVR!  Just think of all the time we will have to hold conversations, enjoy the outdoors, ride our bikes, take Lola Bear on walks, do crafts, work on Photoshop, etc. It will be a great thing for both of us. I don’t even think it will be a challenge. I’m excited about this new goal. My husband works 60-70 hrs/week. When he is home, doing work on the computer, I would just lay down on the couch watch Sex and the City and HGTV non-stop. I wouldn’t exercise, do laundry, take a walk, or anything. I was being a lazy bum!  

So try it with us and just see how much you like it!

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