Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jarred Lane....

DO YOU NOTICE MY BLOG NAME CHANGE AND MY NEW DESIGN??? I can remember growing up in Arkansas and just smelling the sweet honeysuckle that grew up along the side of my dirt road. The taste of honeysuckle was so sweet! Today is the day I start following my dreams. Welcome to Honeysuckle Lane! (Lane is my brother's middle name)

Jarred Lane is my youngest brother and only sibling. He is so talented, the true definition of a boy, and will do anything he puts his mind to. He is determined to play golf for the rest of his life. He is determined to be his own boss. He is determined to live away in a big city (however he currently lives with our parents in our little, quaint hometown of Nashville, AR. I think he secretly likes it a lot).

At 23 years old, he is just so handsome and is quite the catch, even though he hasn't found the right girl yet. YET! It will happen and I will have a sister-in-law. I get so excited just thinking about it.

When he was a little kiddo!

Rascal Flatts Concert
Golfing in Alabama
I have so many wonderful memories of playing outside with my brother, climbing up on the shed, catching bees with a Mason jar, sleding in the snow on an old truck hood, going to watch him play golf in Alabama, seeing him in the stands at all my cheerleading competitions, going out to dinner with him at Coltons in Russellville (our college town), being roomates at college for a year, crying on his shoulder when my life was messed up, golf lessons he used to give me, straighting his hair on Thanksgiving, playing kickball in our front yard and using pine trees as our bases, riding in the backseat to Shreveport, LA for Christmas. He has been there for me and I always try to be there for him.

I have been thinking a lot about family and the importance of the relationships. I never have thought about it before, before moving away from them. My heart has a weak spot just thinking about the moments I miss out on living 12 hrs aways, but I also think about my visits to Arkansas and how special they are. I always hate leaving because I never know when I will get to come back. God always works things out because since moving to Chicago last May, I have never gone 3 months without seeing them. Extremly lucky and blessed. I have to give credit to my husband for working hard to support our little family and giving me time off of work to visit them.

I don't know what I would do without my brother and sharing my childhood with him. I love you so much Jarred. I can't wait to see you in just 2 days!

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