Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back from Arkansas

Hello followers!
I'm back from Arkansas. I had a great, long visit with my parents and brother. While I was there, my dad had heart surgery. I was so blessed to have been there for him and get to nurse him back to health. He is doing better. Praise Jesus!

While I was just chilling on the couch this past week, I would occasionally check facebook and  I saw this. My sorority sister, Jessie, had this inspiration and I couldn't wait to get back and make one for my home. Here is my inspiration (Jessie verison):

I think this is great idea to have in your home for ALL family members to write on. I'm putting ours in our master bedroom for now. I think this is sweet, romantic gesture for young married couples. Lord knows sometimes we need encouraging words from one another. :)

So I got busy this Sunday. Here is my version:

Mine is far from perfect! I'm getting a vinyl machine for my birthday which will make projects like these SO much easier. The "you" is totally crooked. haha! Oh Well! I followed Jessie step by step and made a stencil using my computer printer. I used a sharp blade to cut out the letters. This was so difficult. I have used a stencil before. They paint never looks clean. There are never sharp lines. There are always runs. Boo! But I did it anyways and then handpainted to make it look better. If I had to do it again I would just simply write the letters on there myself.

Money Breakdown:
frame: Goodwill $2.38
spraypaint for frame: free (in garage from chair project)
grey cardstock: .59
mat board: $4.00 (there is plenty to frame several more projects)

Grand Total: $6.97

Hope you are having a blessed Sunday!

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