Saturday, August 20, 2011

Becoming Healthy

Quote: "You are going to gain weight when you get married. That's just a part of it." 

This quote has taunted me a lot lately. I have been married for 308 days and I have gained. Of course I'm not going to reveal how much but its quite enough. I'm feeling really sad/frustrated about it. For the past week I have been constantly thinking about how Jeff and I can change our lifestyle completely and become more healthy. So far I have taken these small steps this week:

1. Drinking 64 oz. of water each day.
2. Not drinking soda (diet is out too)
3. Going on a 30 minute walk every night.
4. No junk food.

This morning I decided that in order to eat well (no processed foods) I had to plan and be very organized about it. This is what I made:

This weekly menu planner will help me to stay on track and only eat healthy things. The chart is broken into the days of the week, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. On the right hand side there is a shopping list. Brilliant! However, carry this thing into Aldi and Hyvee was hilarious. I got a few looks when I propped it up in the front of the buggy. One sweet lady actually told it was a great idea, but others thought it was weird I think.

I remember watching Dr. Oz one afternoon on vacation in Arkansas. The title of the show was "Losing Weight in Every Decade." Visit this website for each decade. It was SO useful! Decade Diets

So on my grocery shopping trip this morning I was armed and ready to buy only healthy food using my menu planner. Here are some things I bought:
GREEN TEA (mix with mint leaves and slices of grapefruit) Concoction that Dr. Oz lives by!
One-A-Day Vitamin (Oprah's list of women's vitamins from age 20-40 Vitamins from Oprah via Dr. Oz)
Flax Seed (Omega-3) put this in your cereal, yogurt, smoothie, pretty  much anything)
Pine Nuts: 2 tablespoons 3 times a week

YUMMY Bananas

Made this delicious brushetta with tomatoes grown by Chuck Massuer

More fresh snacks. Homegrown

GO HOGS! Drink at least 64 oz. of water EVERY day
These are the steps we are taking over here at the Reckman House! Next week we are starting the Advocare 24 day challenge! Haven't ordered it yet but we are getting serious about getting healthy.

Till next time

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